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SUBSUGGESTION NEWSLETTER : This monthly newsletter is a free resource for substitute teachers to enhance their teaching and classroom management skills. Please click on the following link for more information:

NATIONAL SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ALLIANCE (NSTA): Formed in July, 2000, the NSTA's mission is to promote dignity and respect for substitute teachers who provide educational continuity for our nation's K-12 students. We believe substitute teachers, to be fully successful and overcome the challenges they face everyday. Please visit their website for more information:

WebCenter LOGIN INFORMATION (July 2010):BU05 Employees User ID has been changed to your DOE ID. Do not use your Social Security Number, this will no longer work. Your DOE ID can be found on your Form 5, Box 1 (DOE ID). Substitute Teachers, continue to use your Permanent Telephone Number as your User ID. Your Permanent Telephone Number can be found on your Standard Form 5A1, Box 40 (Telephone).

DEFINITION OF CLASSIFICATIONS & NEW PER DIEM RATES (January 2009): According to Act 187, effective January 13, 2009, substitute teachers will receive new per diem rates according to their defined classification. An updated Notification of Personnel Action form SF5A1 was mailed on January 9, 2009 to all current substitute teachers. This mailing included: a memo defining the substitute teacher classification and per diem rates, substitute teacher course requirement & new re-certification class, and substitute teacher employment information. Please click on"Substitute Teachers" on the left hand side under "Links & References" to access these memos in PDF format.

WEBCENTER, YOUR ONLINE LINK TO T-SEAS (September 2005): Schools, Teachers, and Substitute Teachers have access to the T-SEAS system via the internet. Just about every transaction that can be done over the phone can be done over the computer. You will need two identifiers to login. For more information, review the WebCenter manual for your user-group (Substitute Teachers or BU05 Employees). You will find a link to these references in the left margin of this page. However, for those who prefer the traditional method or do not have a computer readily available, transactions can still be performed over the phone system.

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