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  • Substitute Teacher Compensation and Classification (7/9/14)
    This memo describes how subsitute teachers and compensated and classified.

  • Obamacare (9/27/13)
    Please read this memo to find health insurance that meets your needs and fits your budget.

  • Workplace Violence Training (7/8/13)
    All employees must watch this video annually. After watching the video please sign the Workplace Violence Training Video Viewing Confirmation Form and send the form to the TSEAS office.

  • Renewal Notice (1/31/14)
    To all current Class II and Class III Substitute Teachers: If you plan to substitute for SY 2014-2015, the renewal period is from February 3, 2014 to March 14, 2014.

  • Opening of the School Year Packet for School Year 2013-2014 Please read the entire packet. The Acknowledgement of General Confidentiality Expectations is found on pages 40-41 but please print out pages 44-45 (pages to be printed do not match page numbers on document), sign it and send it to the TSEAS Office.

  • TSEAS Pipleline Newsletter SY 2013-2014
    This is the annual newsletter for substitute teachers.

  • Request for Exemption (December 2011)
    This memo requests an exemption from the May 16, 2011, "Employment of Class I Substitute Teachers" directive for Zones of School Innovation.

  • Continuing Class I Substitute Teacher Employment with the Department of Education (November 2011)
    This is a reminder to all Class I substitute teachers to submit their professional development plan by 12/31/11.

  • Universal Availablity Notice - 403(b) Retirement Plan (November 2011)
    This memo describes how to participate in the 403(b) retirement plan sponsored by the DOE.

  • Holomua -ERS Newsletter for September 2011 (September 2011)
    This newsletter is for those in the Employees' Retirement System.

  • Employment of Class I Substitute Teachers (05/16/2011)
    Please read this if you are a Class I substitute teacher.

  • Highly Qualified Substitute Data Collection (05/10/2011)
    Please read this if you are interested in earning the highly qualified designation.

  • ERS & DOE Forms (01/24/2011)
    Complete these forms if you retired from the State of Hawaii or a county government in the State of Hawaii.

  • Holomua newsletter from the Employees' Retirement System (December 2010)
    If you are a retiree returning to work please read this.

  • Employment of Retirants (06/28/2010)
    This law relates to the employment of Employees' Retirement System retirants.

  • Employee Background Check (EBC) Guidelines for Certificated and Classified Employees, Casual Job Verification (04/13/2010)
    This memo provides additional information regarding the Employee Background Check (EBC) process for casual employees.

  • WebCenter
    Your internet connection to T-SEAS.

  • WebCenter Quick Reference (09/2005)
    A quick guide to WebCenter.

  • WebCenter Manual (08/30/2005)
    Review the manual for detailed instructions on the use of WebCenter. Familiarize yourself with the features of this internet connection to T-SEAS.

  • T-SEAS Quick Reference (Phone System) (11/2013)
    For those who prefer the traditional method of working with T-SEAS, these instructions explain how to navigate through the phone system.

  • Scope of Duties Memo (04/16/2010)
    The Superintendent sent out a reminder of 'what is and is not within the 'scope of duties and responsibilities' of all DOE Employees.

  • Substitute Teacher Classification and Compensation (07/25/2008)
    This memo describes how substitute teachers are classified and compensated.

  • New Regulations and Changes to Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan (09/14/2007)
    Updated memo describes the DOE Tax Sheltered Annuity Program.

  • Substitute Teacher Course Requirement & New Re-Certification Class(07/25/2008)
    This memo describes the Requirements for Substitute Teacher Employment: Initial Employment, Annual Substitute Teacher Renewal, 30-Hour Substitute Teacher Course, and Re-Certification Class.

  • Substitute Teacher Employment Information (07/2008)
    This memo describes Substitute Teacher's Employment with the DOE.

  • Essential Functions of a Substitute Teacher (06/2008)
    Essential Functions of a Substitute Teacher.

  • Board of Education Policy #1110-7: Safe Workplace (Amended 08/02/2007)
    This policy states the responsibilities of Department of Education employees.

  • DOE Drug-Free Workplace Statement (04/16/2010)
    This memo describes the policy in the workplace.

  • Department of Education: 2170.1 Internet Access Regulations (Amended 09/08)
    This memo describes the rules and regulations for Internet Access within the Department of Education.

  • Statement on Equity for Students of all Socioeconomic Backgrounds (04/16/2010)
    This memo describes the rules and regulations for the equal treatment of students.

  • Universal Availability Notice - 403(b) Retirement Plan (09/02/10)
    This memo describes how to enroll in the 403(b) retirement plan sponsored by the DOE.

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