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  • WebCenter Manual
    Review the manual for detailed instructions on the use of WebCenter. Familarize yourself with the features of this internet connection to T-SEAS.

  • T-SEAS Quick Reference (Phone System and WebCenter)
    Whether you prefer working with T-SEAS over the phone or using the new WebCenter from your computer, these instructions give you a brief summary of both methods.

  • Teachers Reporting Absence via TSEAS
    Proper procuedure for reporting your absence in the TSEAS system.


  • T-SEAS Video
    Learn how to report an absence and arrange for a substitute through this 12-minute T-SEAS video.

  • Scope of Duties Memo (04/16/2010)
    The Superintendent sent out a reminder of "what is and is not within the scope of duties and responsibilities" of all DOE Employees.

  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Program (06/08/2007)
    Department of Education Tax Sheltered Annuity Program.

  • New Regulations and Changes to Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan (09/14/2007)
    Updated: Department of Education Tax Sheltered Annuity Program.

  • Universal Availability Notice - 403(b) Retirement Plan (09/02/10)
    This memo describes how to enroll in the 403(b) retirement plan sponsored by the DOE.

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